A Personal Blog? Or Something Else?

photo of parents
My mom and dad enjoying the sunset at the Grand Canyon.

It’s important that I start off with a picture of two very important people…my parents. None of this life would be possible without them — for me at least.

A lot of times, we start projects off in that “fast and furious” method only to have it fizzle for a variety of reasons. It could be because we get bored, we find a new job, or start a new relationship.

That’s the easy excuse, right?

Well…let’s try something a little different. Let’s explore some deep dark corners of my mind. The things I think about when I am watching TV, driving, or even standing in an ice-cold shower on a remarkably hot summer’s day.

Let’s find out why certain bottled waters taste better than others. Let’s ask ourselves one simple question: popcorn or chips? Perhaps we can also sing to the things we like: food, music, TV.

I mean…why can’t we talk about why deli-style Chinese fried rice is a food group?

Nothing is stopping us. Not this pandemic we are currently facing (this might age well if we all survive).

Let’s talk about food, drinks, pop culture, maybe light politics.


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